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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tv because she has no equal in being able to handle hostile questions. we saw that in the debates. we see that in all those interviews that you get. and i just wish romney could take some lessons from her. but you could take some lessons by watching it because she is better than anybody else in the country in handling the hostile questions and making her points regardless. let's give michelle bachmann a big hand. [applause] >> thank you, phyllis. thank you for coming. >> i had an unfair and benches. i had three brothers and no sisters of that was on parallel schooling. thank you. thank you, everyone. [applause] >> our next speaker is not here yet, is that correct? why don't we stand up and take a little seven-inning stretch right now? [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> russia and china vetoed a u.n. security sanctioned vetoing sanctions on syria. we will talk about what is ahead for u.s. policy on "washington journal." we will have the census bureau director with the numbers and manufacturing, trade, personal income, and home ownership. also the formal federal elections commissioner talks about why he opposes requiring independent campaign groups to disclose where they get their money. "washington journal," is live every morning on c-span at 7:00 eastern. >> rahm emanuel and ray lahood speak about infrastructure hon refunding this morning at the center for american progress in washington. you concede that live on c-span at 10:15 a.m.. at 12:10 eastern, mitt romney
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campaigns in new hampshire. that is also live on c-span. more road to the white house covers live on c-span at 6:00 p.m. with first lady michelle obama delivering a campaign speech in fredericksburg, virginia. >> this weekend, familiar cities, the harlem book fair, live coverage starts saturday at 12:30 eastern on the future of african-american publishing followed with a look at education at 2:00 and then cornell west examine the next presidential election and at 5:00, we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. sunday at 2:00 p.m., the eagle forum summit with authors. harlem book fair and the eagle forum collegiate leadership summit is part of book-tv this
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weekend on c-span 2. >> florida governor jenna bush on wednesday campaigned for mitt romney in ohio. -- florida governor jeb bush on wednesday campaign for mitt romney and ohio. >> unfortunately, the big fans will not be installed until tomorrow. [laughter] that is the truth, they were scheduled for this morning. my name is tom canard. we are a division of oatmeal steel, the largest family-owned service center in the u.s.. i would like to welcome all of you to upn. we are a leading supplier in high-performance alloys used in applications and resell to manufacturers all over the world. we employ 105 workers and we are at the heart of the u.s. manufacturing. within this building, we cut,
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split, edge, level, sheer, and laser precision cut metal and sell to component manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, the key u.s. industries that create jobs that allow us to export and bring dollars to off -- home to the u.s.. u.s. manufacturing creates jobs and opportunities that lead to a great quality of life for many americans like many in this room. today, i speak for the o'neill companies that the current administration has a misunderstanding of business and entrepreneurs. i started multiple businesses, some failed and summer successful and i learned after doing a great job, you have to have a policy to support growth,
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reinvestment, and record business success. otherwise, to take that first step any time to start a business, you have to take a first step -- it is a big step -- or a bill that extension like -- expansion like it out in front or investing a piece of equipment like we are doing today, it is too grave risk or frankly not worth it if you don't have the support. i have traveled the world and visited many manufacturing facilities including most aircraft engine component factories. i can tell you that companies like china are running their countries like business and are competing to win. frankly, they are winning. all you have to do is go to shanghai, china and fly back and drive home their the infrastructure they have in place and what they are doing is very clear that they have a path for winning. they're not occur in ahmanson sells. they are focused on their
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objectives that stimulate growth. our country frankly needs to be run like a business. it needs a strategic plan. it needs a team to be on the same page working together, to execute those plans, and knees to celebrate and reward that success likely try to do here. i'm a firm believer in leadership that has practical business experience. i understand what it takes to run and build a business and will support the initiatives that will support innovation, business growth, reinvestment and reward that success. in the climate today, the policies and the words and actions of our government have created this level of uncertainty and it is impacting businesses around the world. we just returned from the air show and there was a very clear message that this uncertainty is starting to impact and we are starting to change that impact. i confers tend to tell you that
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upm is starting to manage their businesses to save cash and pay for this uncertain future. it will impact lives that we don't change things. we need a business-friendly leadership of actual business experience who understands business, small business, manufacturing, innovation, and respects the entrepreneur. we believe governor romney does that. with that said, it is my pleasure today to introduce someone who created jobs in the private sector prior to serving as a two-term governor in the great state of florida, governor bush worked in a variety of sectors including technology, infrastructure, energy, apparel and real estate. i have no doubt with these experiences, he has cultivated a cough -- a keen sense of how government can cultivate jobs.
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governor bush, great family. please welcome, governor jenna bjeb bush. [applause] >> thank you, tom. to the employees of upm, thank you for hosting us. we will be relatively brief so you guys can get back to work but it is a joy to be here. thank you for your leadership, your order and moreship. i had a chance to meet him and -- i need to give you a bush family update. sometimes people ask about how my mom and dad are doing and my dad is doing pretty good. he is 88 and he is not walking away he used to which is kind of depressing for a guy as vital as him. he is doing well. my mom has authorized me to tell you that she is younger than my dad. [laughter] she still kind of runs the show
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in the bush family. i don't know if you are parents are at the age where my parents are were once they get past 85, it seems like they lose that break inside their minds with a totally say what they believe. it is a joy to be with them because it is fun. you wait for the next thing to be said. [laughter] they are doing well. my older brother, you may remember him, he is doing pretty well. [applause] about a year-and-a-half ago, he wrote a book which surprised a lot of people. [laughter] then he went on a book tour and sold 2.6 million copies. this book was on " the new york times" best-seller lists for 26 weeks much to the chagrin of " the new york times." he called my mom and greg a little bit probably.
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-- he called my mom and brad a little bit, probably. >> millie, my dog she said had a longer selling books. today i am here to talk about why it is important to elect mitt romney for next president of the united states and i know that you all are involved in that as well. [applause] there are a lot of positive reasons to support mitt romney but i want to give you a reason why it is important. the current president of united states, i think, does not get it. he said on monday, right before he came here to this part of ohio, he said in virginia that if you have a business, you did not build that, somebody else might that happen. that was like saying that the private sector is doing pretty good, it is the economy doing better these are in size into the thinking of a man who has had no practical experience in
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creating jobs, who has a belief that government owns the resources of the country and when we take them somehow, it is taking them rather than through hard work and risk taking and through dynamic interaction, creating innovation that creates jobs, that somehow it is the government and when people are successful, they have some obligation to the government to give it back. that is in essence what he said. i think it is incredibly naive to say that because the greatness of our country does not harm our government. the greatness of our country comes from 300 million people interacting ahmanson sells and pursuing their dreams as they see fit and that demand interaction has created the greatness of our country. it is not our government. government has a useful role to play, don't get me wrong. i have not become a libertarian yet. it is a role that need to be limited and we need to celebrate the efforts toward
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success that exists in this country that has greeted the greatness. tom is a great example because he worked for gm saw an idea in his business when he was an employee. he sought a niche that could be filled in a different kind of way when he started up his own business. tom like other entrepreneurs deferred gratification and probably did not take many vacations. he found a partner to invest in his dreams and look at how big the dream is now. he took chances. he may not have been successful in a way that was one step forward, it may have been two steps forward and three steps backward. he took a risk. he borrowed the money. he did not take a salary. he did the things that entrepreneurs do and today, this enterprise is successful and competitive globally and it makes a difference in the lives of many families here in the cincinnati area. that is america.
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it is not getting in line to get a loan because you have some political access and the department of energy for a failed solyndra. funny capitalism needs to be eliminated in our country and we need to restore an entrepreneurial capitalism where government plays a role but it is a limited role where we celebrate success rather than punish it. [applause] i am so tired of the president of the united states with the boston deal that he is to go around with, trying to create divisions, trying to punish people rhetorically for the hard work that will restore american greatness. my hope and dream is that we seek the toms of the world and
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we create the right business environment and allow them to pursue their dreams with a vengeance because that will restore american greatness and that will create sustained economic growth and that will create jobs for the middle-class at a time when we desperately need it. [applause] the president's approach as critical loss of 23 million jobs or underemployed folks or people who have given up hope. that is what we have today, 23 million americans that don't have a job or have given up even looking for are underemployed when the ones were employed. 66,000 jobs have been lost in ohio since president obama can into office. in spite of the stimulus, in spite of the massive interventions of the federal government into the economy we have these dismal results. the slowest recovery in modern times in america. the policies of higher taxes, more government, more involved
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in every aspect of the regulatory climate of the economy, of great structural deficits where leadership is required to fix them and the president has been missing in action has created a morass and this sense of a dark cloud over our country that can be lifted by restoring american greatness, embracing american ballet is and that is what i believe mitt romney will do on day one. [applause] if you focus on economic growth being the unifying principle of our country, you can achieve great things. our growth today america is around 1.5% and most economists believe that we continue this card policies, that is as good as it will get over the next 10 years. 1.5% growth does not take the climate for sustained job creation and higher wages for people that want to be able to
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live independent productive lives as they see fit. we grew a 2% more the next 10 years which is achievable and this great country, if we grew at 3.5 or 4% for the next 10 years, a lot of the problems that exist in our country would change dramatically. a 2% marginal increase in growth for 10 years, handed over the next decade would create a germany in the fifth year, $3.70 trillion of additional economic activity it seems it is a worthy aspiration to change the course of our country by aspiring to a high growth solution to the problems we face. with mitt romney, he is well qualified with his practical business experience to be able to lead us in that way. from day one, i believe he would create a and energy policy that would be based american resources and american innovation and that we would be growing angry, because we would
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be embracing our own resources rather than importing resources from far off place is from people that either a test or are not stable enough that they soon could hate us. the xl pipeline would be approved on day one under a mitt romney administration. [applause] incentives for the use of natural gas for transportation and other means to be able to take this incredible american innovation that is so unique -- the ipad is considered the greatest innovation since mankind. i love my iphone and ipad and i love all that stuff. perhaps the greatest innovation in the last 20 years is the use of hydro frsacking and horizontal drilling that has greeted an explosion of energy, the most prolific energy source in the world. american innovation works. [applause] you can imagine an energy strategy that would give us the lowest cost energy over the long as.
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time or we could have a report that manufacturing in our country and the use of natural gas and other innovative means to be able to start -- jump- start our economy. we need twentieth century regolith -- 21st century regulations and who better than a guy who knows how to get from point a to point b to achieve a better result of a lower-cost credit can be done but if we have a president who believes the way to solve problems is to impose uncertainty through massive new regulations, through thousands and thousands of new rulemaking process is whether it is health care, financial- services, the epa, work conditions, you name it, thinking that is the measurement of your commitment to our country and realizing that the uncertainty and that caused means jobs will be created overseas rather than in our own country is the problem we face. mitt romney -- needs to be elected because i need to
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rebuild a dynamic work force and a more dynamic economy that will allow us to grow on a sustained basis. mitt romney will be an advocate for a free trade but fair trade. he will enforce the trading agreements we have to live there are places around the world that are abusing the relationship with the united states, that the president of the united states will fight back on behalf of u.s. industry and u.s. jobs. [applause] i am confident that mitt romney will realize the federal government does not have the luxury to live so far out of its means that it has, for every dollar spent, 40 cents in debt. no one can do that on our own family budget. if tom tried to do that in his business, he would be a dead man walking. why do we expect that it is sustainable for our federal government to continue to spend money at a rate faster than our ability to afford it and use 40
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cents of every dollar spent? it is unconscionable. we are saying that the next generation of americans will have a debt load so big that they will not be able to pursue their dreams. i don't know about you but i'm an old guy that believes that every generation should have more opportunities than the last. we are at the press of this because we cannot control spending and that won't be the case and i believe mitt romney is the guy to begin to turn that around before it is too late. finally, i know he believes that certainty in the business climate and fair taxes that are easy to understand will create a burst of energy and dynamism in our country that will allow us to lift the cloud. i want a president that believes in america entrepreneurship and believes in the american spirit and i believe mitt romney is that guy and i hope you will do everything you can hear in ohio. there are two things that matter more -- my beloved state of
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florida and ohio. if we do our part in florida and you do your part in ohio, i believe mitt romney will be the next president of the united states and the restoration of american greatness will begin. [applause] god bless you all and thank you very much. ♪ ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> more coverage today on c-span -- at 12:10 eastern, mitt romney campaigns in new hampshire with center kelly ayotte live on c- span. at 6:00 p.m. eastern, first lady michelle obama delivers a campaign speech in fredericksburg, virginia. >> yesterday, president obama held a campaign rally at a retirement community in west palm beach florida. he said the mitt romney plan for
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medicare would hurt seniors and he condemned a terrorist attack against the israelis vacationing in bulgaria. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> hello, everybody. [applause] thank you. thank you. what a great crowd. i want everybody to be relaxed. have a seat. i am so excited to be here. first of all, i just want to said that the most cases i have gotten [laughter] that any campaign event. that is just half the group. i might get some more on the way around. [applause] i like that. i like that. i like that. can everybody please give a
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round of applause for the great introduction? [applause] the couple other people want what knowledge -- the palm beach mayor, give her a round of applause. [applause] you just heard from an outstanding congresswoman and a chair of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman salts, we love her. -- schultze. [applause] ander on outstanding congressmen who is doing a great job looking out for you every single day in washington - [applause] he is back here somewhere. where did he go? there he is over there. there he is. and all of you are here and i am excited about that. [applause] how is everybody doing tonight? [applause] doing good? i am excited to be at century
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village. this is a legendary century village. [applause] the folks are fired up and century village. [applause] -- in century village. i'm just curious -- how many folks were originally from my hometown of chicago? see? i knew there were some white sox fans here, i hope. don't talk about the cubs. [laughter] so - i have to tell you this is my last political campaign. no, michelle things that is good. she thinks it is great. michelle thinks it is great.
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i am term limited service will be my last campaign. it got me nostalgic thinking about some of my first campaign for iran for state senate -- i ran for state senate or not is 33 years old and ran for united states senate and backed them i did not have air force one. i did not have anybody driving me around. i was driving me myself and filling out my own guess. -- gas. we did not have fancy stuff like gps, so he wants to go somewhere you needed a map. you're trying to figure out how to fold it back. a bunch of times, i would get lost and finally when i got to the place i was supposed to be, i had to find my own parking spot. these days i just pull up.
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sometimes it would be raining now try to find my umbrellas. i have such great memories of those first campaigns. the reason is because everywhere i went, and illinois is a big state, so you would go to inner cities, farm towns, suburbs and people of every walk of life -- everywhere i went, i would hear people's stories. those stories reminded me of my own stories. if i saw a couple that was 70 or 80, i with about my grandparents who fought in world war two -- my grandfather fought in world war two and my mother worked on a bomber assembly line. when my grandfather came home, he was able to get a college
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education because of the gi bill. he was able to buy their first home with the help of the fha. i was reminded of that greatest generation. everything they did on behalf of building this great country we live in. [applause] there you go. if i met a single mom, i would back about my own mother. my dad left when i was an infant so i did not know him. my mom did not have a lot of money but with the help of my grandparents, she was able to work and put yourself through school and then give a great education to me and my sister. i think about how this country is so great because people have opportunities even if they don't come from a fancy background. [applause] i have met a working couple and
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i think about michele's parents. machel's death has multiple sclerosis. but, madam, he could barely walk, he had used two caves and had to wake up an hour earlier than anybody else to get dressed to get to work. he was a blue-collar worker at a water filtration plant in chicago but never missed a day of work. michele's mom worked as a secretary. with those modest jobs, there were able to look after michelle and her brother and ended up sending them to some of the best colleges and universities in the country. i thought about how that story was true for so many other families all across illinois and when i began to run for president, i realized that was true all across americaso . so-
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who's calling? [laughter] is that michelle? [laughter] that is because she heard all those women were kissing me. [laughter] she got a little nervous. she got a little jealous. but - what all these stories remind me of is that all across america, people of every walk of life, black, white, hispanic, asian, native american -- it does not matter where you come from, there is a central idea that makes this country great. it is the idea that no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your america, ifin you're willing to work hard, you
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can make it, you can get ahead. [applause] americans, we don't want handouts. we want to work for what we earn but we do want hard work to pay off. we do expect that if you're willing to put in the effort, you should be able to find a job that pays a living wage. he should not go broke because you get sick. you should be able to send your kids to a good school. you should retire with dignity and respect. and you should be able to provide for children and hopefully your grandchildren with opportunities that you might not even have imagined that they will do even better than you did. that is what america is all about. that is at the heart of the american ideal. [applause]
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i ran in 2008 because the basic bargain, that belief that art or to pay off, it seems as if that simple american dream was at risk like never before. for more than a decade, it has been slipping away from too many hard-working people. jobs and factories were shipped overseas, folks at the top were doing better than ever before but the middle class, the folks who are the heart beat of this country, for middle-class families and those trying to get into the middle class, it seemed as if paychecks were getting smaller and bills were getting bigger. meanwhile in washington, trains of dollars were spent on two wars, tax cuts, and we went from record surpluses to record deficit. on wall street, you had a culture of anything goes. that led to reckless bets and resulted in the worst financial
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crisis since the great depression. ever since i ran for office, i said it will take more than one year for one term or even when president to solve some of these problems. [applause] [four more tears!] years] >> there is so much work to do. this crisis make things that much tougher and when you go through something as bad as something as bad since the great depression, a challenge to make sure we get the economy moving and never was back to work and people's property values and their homes are back where they need to be, when i hear people say our best days are behind us, i tell them
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that you don't know the american people. the courage, the character, the determination of the american people. as i travel across the country and i meet a small business person who sacrificed some of their own perks or their own pay to make sure they keep those families on the job or when i talk about some of the autoworkers in michigan, ohio, who were never supposed to be building cars again but now they can't build them fast enough. [applause] when i meet men and women in their 50's to go back to community college and sit with a bunch of 20-year-old because they don't give up because the got laid off and debris trend and suddenly they find new jobs in health care or medical technology or some advanced manufacturing -- that is spirit.
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that is an understanding that we may get knocked down but we get back up. [applause] and that we always believe in our capacity to bring about the kinds of changes to keep america moving. that tenacity and determination is undiminished. it is still there. it is still there. there may not be any quick fixes, easy solutions to challenges we face but we will fix them. i have every bit of confidence. the problem we have now is not that we don't have good ideas for things like housing, education, making sure we're bringing down our deficit, medicare andeniors' social security -- the problem is we don't know how to do it -- the problem is not that we don't know how to do it, the problem is still made in washington. we have the best scientists and you are never cities and on for cars and best system.
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we've got more diversity and ingenuity and talent coming from every part of the globe. every other country on earth would be happy to trade places with us but we have this stalemate in washington because there are a group of folks want us to go backwards. i don't believe in going backwards. i believe in going for words. [applause] i want us to go forward. my opponent and his friends in congress - they got an economic plan. yeah, well, it sounds like you have heard the plant. [laughter] their plan is to cut taxes more for the wealthy, cut more regulations on banks, insurance companies, on scurrilous lenders and cut education and
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research and hope that somehow all that will create more prosperity for everybody. that is a good. -- that is a good theory. it did not work. it got us into this mess and the first place. [applause] -- in the first place. i think most of you, like most of america, understands that america works best not with top down economics but with a metal out economics, with a bottle of economics. when everybody has opportunity, everybody does well including those at the top. that is how we became the most prosperous nation on earth. that is how we built the greatest middle-class and history. -- in history. it is because i want to restore the basic argubargain and i am running for president of the
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united states. [applause] [four more years] i am running because i don't believe you can reduce the deficit without asking the wealthiest americans -- by the way, it would be folks like me. to give up the tax cuts they have benefited from for the last decade. not onlynt doesn't want to keep those tax cuts but was to pile on another $5 billion in tax cuts included a 25% tax cut for every millionaire in the country. it gets better -- to pay for this, he wants to gut job training programs for workers, financial aid for students, he potentially would
6:39 am
have to raise taxes on middle- class, the people who can least afford it, he wants to roll back the affordable care act, health care reform, forcing 200,000 floridians to pay more for their prescription drugs, he plans to turn medicare [unintelligible] into a voucher program. if what it takes to buy health care in the private marketplace, you are out of luck. you have to make up the difference. you are on your own. one independent nonpartisan study found that under a similar plan, seniors would have to pay nearly $6,400 for medicare than they do today. where are you going to get that from? $6,400 -- how many people think that is a good idea to finance tax cuts for people who
6:40 am
don't need them and were not asking for them? florida, that is wrong. it is wrong to ask you to pay more for medicare so that people who are doing well right now get even more. that is no way to reduce the deficit. we should not be squeezing more money out of our seniors. my plan is to squeeze more money out of the health-care system that is being wasted with waste and abuse and fraud. we have been cracking down on medicare fraud harder than just about anybody because those dollars should be going to you. and your care, not the folks who are cheating the system. [applause] let me tell you -- there are some government programs that don't work. we can afford to waste money -- we can't afford to waste money.
6:41 am
we're willing to cut spending on things that are not helping the middle class and not help us grow but we also have to balance that to make sure everybody is doing their fair share. just like we tried their way and it did not work, the way i am talking about, we tried that under a guy named bill clinton and we created 23 million new jobs and we had a surplus instead of a deficit and medicare was protected and social security was protected [applause] and by the way, people dead -- wealthy people did pretty well, too. when middle-class families are doing well, they have a little money in their pockets and that means they are spending it at the local restaurant and a local business. suddenly businesses have more customers and they start hiring more workers and you get a virtuous cycle where everybody does well. that is the recipe for success. this is not the only place where
6:42 am
i've got a difference with mr. romney. we talked about the oil industry. mr. romney said let detroit go bankrupt. [boo] there were 1 million jobs at stake. i said let's bet on american workers. let's bet on american manufacturing and now gm is number one again and chrysler and ford on the move and the automobile industry back. i want to make sure that what we did for the oil industry, let's do with manufacturing across the country right here in florida, all across the country. work put people back to and one of the ways we can do it is instead of giving tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas, let's give tax breaks to companies investing in the united states. and hiring american workers. [applause] i want to sell goods around the world made in america. that is why i am running for a second term. [applause]
6:43 am
i am running because it is time to do nation-building here at home. [applause] america is safer and more respected because of the unbelievable service of our troops. [applause] and because of their efforts, we ended the war in iraq as a promise. [applause] -- as i promise. we have been able to focus on al-qaeda and those who cause 9/11 we have decimated their leadership and taken out osama bin laden. [applause] we have been able to set a time when to end the war in afghanistan and we have strengthened our alliances with countries that share their value. -- our values. people in this community care about the state of israel and we are heartbroken -- it is
6:44 am
important time to talk about this because of the barbaric attacks that happened in bulgaria. young people being killed because of this ruthless terrorist attacks. i want everybody to know that under my administration, we have not just preserved the hon. bond with israel, we have strengthened it. [applause] we have stood by israel's side and faced criticism. our military and intelligence cooperation has never been closer. obviously, this is a moment of great uncertainty in the middle east given what is happening in syria and other places. now is the time to make sure that we are doing everything we can to protect israel's security and i wanted to know that that is something that should transcend parties. that is not a republican or democratic issue. that is an issue of how we work with one of our closest allies
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in the world that shares our values and believes in democracy. [applause] the good news is, our lives are stronger and our homeland is safer because of our armed forces but that also means that we've got to take care of our own responsibilities. the idea that anybody who wore the uniform of the united states of america's homeless now is unacceptable. [applause] the notion that they should be fighting for a job or a roof over their heads after having fought for us is unacceptable and that is why we are going to meet that sacred trust and make sure every veteran gets the care that they have earned and the services that they have earned. that is what the reasons why i am running for a second term as
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president of the united states. [applause] [four more years] so- there is more a rigid more work to do. i want to take about half the savings we have been spending on war and rebuild america. let's put workers back to work rebuilding our roads and bridges. [applause] rebuilding our ports. i just took a step today that will save the -- shave years of the renovation -- all of the renovation of ports in florida. we want to accelerate those things. it is important for the local
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economy but it is also important for the american economy. we still have the best stuff, the best air force, the best roads, the best everything but we have been slipping because we have not been making those investments. you know what happens when you deferred maintenance, if you don't fix the roof, what happens? it will cost you more later on. why wouldn't we want to put folks back to work right now rebuilding america and [applause] ? that is good for the economy and good for our future. [applause] i am running to make sure america once again has the best education system and the world. [applause] i want our schools to hire and reward the best students especially in math and science. i want to give 2 million more americans to get a chance to go to community college. i want colleges and universities to bring down their tuitions so
6:48 am
that young people are not loaded up with debt. [applause] higher education is not a luxury anymore, is an economic necessity. you need an advanced degree of some sort to get into the middle class. we've got to make it affordable for all our young people. me and mr. romney have a lot of differences and i just mentioned a few. here in florida, we're still concerned that the housing market is we. you are starting to see some signs of life around the country but there are a lot of homes under water. mr. romney's plan is to let the market bottomed out. that is his plan. that is not a solution. that is a problem. we have already helped millions of responsible homeowners refinance at lower rates. i am running to make sure that everybody can refinance and save
6:49 am
about $3,000, money in your pocket that you can use to build back the equity in your home or spend it and local business which will further strengthen the economy. that is the difference between me and mr. romney. [applause] i believe it was the right and to do to pass health care reform. [applause] all of you know what it means to have security when it comes to your health care. a lot of folks here may already be on medicare but imagine if you have been on lucky and ended up getting laid off at the age of 55 or 57 and maybe you have had an illness and your try to get back into the workforce but it has taken a long time and you lose your health insurance. or you get a job that does not
6:50 am
offer health insurance or maybe you are a small business person and have to go on the individual market and it turns out because of a pre-existing condition, you cannot get it. or it cost so much you cannot afford it. that is not right. that is not who we are. that's why we passed the affordable care act. it was the right thing to do. [applause] the supreme court has now spoken and we are now going to implement this plan because we're moving forward, we are not going backward. [applause] we're not going to go backwards when it comes to selling -- telling out service members that they cannot serve this country they love because of who we love. ask don't tell was the right thing to do. we're not going backwards when it comes to the need for immigration reform. we are a nation of immigrants.
6:51 am
[applause] and so we need to have a smart system that says those who are willing to work hard and act responsibly, you got a chance. to succeed here in america just like previous generations. [applause] all these things, whether it is bringing back manufacturing or construction jobs or taking care of your health care making sure your grandchildren can stay on their parents' health plan, making sure that our veterans are cared for and making sure young people can afford college, all these things go back to that original idea -- the idea that if you work hard, you can make in this country. you can get ahead. [applause] that is the promise that our parents and grandparents made us and that's what we now have
6:52 am
to pass on to our kids and grandkids. over the next four months, the other side will spend more money than we have ever seen and they will have a bunch of voices - most of what you hear you can -- you can't go mute. button.'t pressed mute the reason you don't have to pay much attention is because these eds will say the same thing over and over again. the other side knows they cannot sell their economic plan because they tried it and it did not work and everybody remembers that. instead, they will say that the economy is still bad and it is
6:53 am
obama's fault. that is the message over and again. it does not matter, you know that is what they are saying. + some of the pictures of me will be on not flattering. my face will be all distorted, one eye is all droopy, right? grim.looking all gr you know what they're saying. that may be their plan to win an election but it is not a plan to create. jobs is not a plan to revitalize the middle class. it is not a plan to actually move this country forward and frankly, i would be worried if this was my first campaign but i have been to this rodeo before. one of the things that gives me confidence in.
6:54 am
as you -- is you. [applause] the american people now to cut through some nonsense. [laughter] that is a wild crowd here. [applause] but, you know - what gives me hope is you because, just like in that first campaign, when i travel around the country now, i constantly hear stories that just like my story, just like my family's stories, all the struggles that previous generations went through, folks coming over here as immigrants, in some cases,
6:55 am
folks but despite partaken disappointment and those who traveled to ellis island, they did not know what they would fund. they knew there was something special about this country. no matter how hard it was, no matter how tough, they just kept on going. they kept on working. they understood that this was a country where people were free to pursue their own individual dreams but that people would still come together as a country. i was saying the other day, we take pride in individual initiative and we don't like handouts and don't expect government to solve every problem and we don't the government should not help people who don't help themselves. but, we also remember that the gi bill, that educated so many people, we did that together. hoover dam, golden gate bridge
6:56 am
we built together. the internet was created because of investments that we made. together that is how we sent a man to the mon, together. we are not going to abandon those values and those traditions that ultimately made this the country we love. when we tap into those values, those things we know that are right and true and all the other money and negativity does not matter. all the stuff, that will not impact the election. it will be up to. you the choice will be up to you. [applause]
6:57 am
if you are ready to work, then i am confident about this election. i feel good about it because you will break the stalemate and get things back on track. in 2008, i told you i'm not a perfect man and michelle could have told you that a [laughter] i said i would not be prepared president and no president is but what i said was -- i will always tell you where i stood at what i thought most importantly, i would wake up every single day fighting as hard as i knew how fighting for you. [applause] thinking about you. because i see myself in you. i see myself, i see my grandparents, i see my own kids in you. we're part of that same story. when i'm fighting for you, i am
6:58 am
fighting for my kids and their future. that is why i have been able to keep that promise because i still believe in you and you still believe in me and you are willing to stand with me and work with me and knocked on doors with me and make phone calls with me, i promise you, we will win florida, we will win this election, and together we will finish what we started and remind the world why america is the greatest nation on earth. god bless you, everybody. god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel and transportation secretary ray lahood speak about infrastructure funding this morning at the center for american progress in washington. you concede that live here and
6:59 am
cspan at 10:15 east and a.m. at two o'clock 10 eastern, mitt romney campaigns in new hampshire with san a detrick kellyyottee live on c- span. more coverage at 6:00 p.m. with first lady michelle obama delivering a campaign speech in fredericksburg, virginia. coming up next on c-span "washington journal," with the day's headlines and your phone calls for it at 7:45 eastern, a look at syria, russia and china yesterday vetoed a u.n. security council resolution imposing sanctions on syria. we will talk about what is ahead for u.s. policy towards syria with the former defense under secretary. in our america by the number segment, the census director joins us with new numbers on manufacturing, trade, personal income, and home ownership. income, and home ownership.


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